Land conservation

Conservation of lands in the Belgrade area is important to water quality, animal habitat and recreational activities. The community is fortunate to have a regional land conservation organization to help protect its land and lakes. To date, the 7 Lakes Alliance has secured the permanent conservation of more than 9,400 acres in the Belgrade Lakes region under its Land Trust. The trust is dedicated to:  

  • Conserving areas that provide high-value habitat and protect water quality. 
  • Expanding recreational activities that promote healthy living. 
  • Providing conservation easement education that engages the interest of landowners and allows them to make thoughtful, informed conservation and land management decisions.  

On these lands, the 7 Lakes Alliance maintains six trails in the Kennebec Highlands accessible to all ages for hiking, birding and healthy living. The 7 Lakes Alliance has earned accreditation from the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, signifying its confidence that 7 Lakes’ lands will be protected forever. 7 Lakes President and CEO Laura Rose Day said accreditation "strengthens our work with landowners and other partners to forever protect the special places of the Belgrade Lakes – such as the Kennebec Highlands – making Maine and this region an even greater place for us and our grandchildren.”

Here in the Belgrades, we value stewardship in a diverse environment of forest, field, lakes and wetlands that welcomes visitors. We ask that you respect the land as much as we do. “Carry in, carry out” is a good motto to follow.