Invasive plants

Invasive variable milfoil was identified in Great Pond in 2009. An effort initiated by the Belgrade Lakes Association that today includes the 7 Lakes Alliance and other groups works to keep invasive plants from spreading to other parts of Great Pond and to other lakes, and to help manage the infestation. milfoil removal

7 Lakes Alliance also heads a watershed-wide Courtesy Boat Inspection (CBI) program, as well as an Invasive Plant Patrol effort (often referred to as Plant Paddles).

Friends of Messalonskee manages a program to control variable milfoil in Messalonskee Lake. 

What you can do:

  1. Clean: Check for and remove all plants from boats, motors, trailers and fishing equipment before and after launch.
  2. Take care: Activities in an infestation -- such as fishing or boating -- can create fragments and spread the plants to other areas. 
  3. Drain: live wells, bilge water and engine water away from the waterbody.
  4. Dry: any gear that comes into contact with the water.
  5. Know: your lakes and avoid areas with known infestations.

Contact 7 Lakes Alliance with questions at 207-495-6039. For a listing of invasive plants, click on the attached PDF at the top of this page.