The Town Treasurer performs all financial transactions for the Town. The duties include administration of a budget that totals more than $10 million, including payments to RSU 18 and Kennebec County. The Treasurer also works closely with the  Board of Selectpersons, the Budget Committee, the Town Manager, and all other department heads in the creation of the annual proposed budget, which is presented to voters for their consideration at the Town Meeting. The proposed 2020 budget is approximately $3 million.

The Treasurer is also responsible for payroll and for accounts payable and receivable. The Treasurer completes the transfer of tax data, which is outsourced, and works with the Tax Collector to collect both current and outstanding balances.

Town Treasurer Mary Vogel has regrettably submitted her resignation, having received an attractive offer of employment from the City of Augusta. Her last day with the Town of Belgrade will be Saturday, March 21, the date of Town Meeting.

Mary has worked tirelessly for the Town since taking on the position in May. Her efforts have placed the Town of Belgrade in a good financial position moving forward. She is most responsible for our successful financial audit and was a major contributor to the 2020 proposed budget, the resulting warrant articles, and the grooming of the new Town Manager. Her love for and commitment to this community are unrivaled. Though she continues to serve on Town committees, we will miss working with her each day … and we wish her nothing but the best. When you see her, please join us in doing the same.

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