Planning Board building application packet

The attached application must be fully completed before the Planning Board will consider a permit request. Questions about the application can be directed to Code Enforcement Officer Gary Fuller or Planning Board Assistant Nicholas Poole at 207-495-2258. 

For an application to be placed on the Planning Board agenda, it along with all the necessary paperwork must be submitted by the Thursday prior to the meeting. An application will not be placed on the agenda unless all of the required paperwork has been submitted. Applicants should ensure they follow the instruction sheet when submitting a building permit application. No such application that does not include a site plan drawn to scale will be accepted. There will be no exceptions.

Applicants and/or their contractor should attend the meeting and be prepared to responde to Board questions. Board members may seek additional numbers, calculations, lot information or construction information. In some instances, Board members will conduct a site visit to inform their decision, depending upon the site, its location and what is being proposed. This will delay approval or denial of the application.