Elections / Voting



June 13, 2023 School Budget Validation Referendum & Special Town Meeting Referendum  Election Results

School Results  -  Yes - 85     No - 32    Blanks - 2

Town of Belgrade Special Referendum Election Results 

* Question 2  -  Yes - 98     No -  19    Blanks - 2

* Question 3 -  Yes - 93    No - 22    Blanks  - 4

* Question 4 - Yes  - 100  No - 19    Blanks - 0


                                                                                                          General information

Registering to vote involves completing a voter registration card, which requires a photo ID and proof of residency, such as a Maine driver’s license with a Belgrade address, a utility bill with a Belgrade service address, a copy of a lease or rental agreement, or an oath of residency.Maine also offers same-day voter registration. That means an unregistered voter can go to the polls, register and immediately cast a ballot. To register and vote on the same day, prospective voters must show a Maine driver's license or some other official photo ID (such as a passport) and proof of residency. Residency can be proved with a utility bill (for electric, gas, cable or Internet), a Maine hunting or fishing license issued by the Town of Belgrade, or vehicle registration.