Building & plumbing permit fees

Principal structures / land uses

Change of use                                              $10

One- and two-family residences                   9 cents / square foot

Commercial / industrial                                10 cents / sf ($100 minimum)

Government / nonprofit                                 $50

Expansion, reconstruction, etc.                    10 cents / sf (commercial)

Driveway permit                                           $10 (new, widening, and resurfacing of existing
                                                                     driveways accessing Town roads)

Accessory structures (includes all swimming pools):

Less than or equal to 250sf                         $15

Greater than 250 square feet                       6 cents / sf

Expansion, reconstruction, etc.                    6 cents / sf ($15 minimum)

Individual private campsite structures:

Less than or equal to 200sf                          $15

Greater than 200sf                                       $30

In the shoreland zone

Review fee                                                   $25 (the review fee is in addition to the building permit

Filling & earth-moving                                  $15
(10 cubic yards or more)

The penalty for starting work without a permit is double the permit fee and possible enforcement action for violation of the ordinance.

Plumbing permit fees

Complete disposal systems and variances

Engineered system                                      $200

Non-engineered system                               $265

Primitive system                                           $100
(includes one alternative toilet)

Separate grey waste disposal field               $35

Seasonal conversion permit                         $50

First-time system variance                            $20

Separate parts of disposal system

Alternative toilet (only)                                   $50

Disposal field only (engineered system)       $150

Disposal field only                                         $150
(non-engineered system)

Treatment tank only (non-engineered)          $150

Holding tank                                                   $80

Other components                                         $30
(complete pump station, piping, etc.)

Internal plumbing

Minimum fee (up to four fixtures)                   $40

Individual fixtures above four                         $10 / each

Hookup to public sewer or
existing subsurface system                            $10

Piping relocation with no new fixtures            $10

Permit transfer                                                $10