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Report on the Belgrade Transfer Station: This year we started taking Maine Stream Waste (MSW) from the Town of Rome along with their recyclables. Belgrade Residents have increased their recycling to the point that we have a huge increase in the amount of recyclables coming into the facility. Because of the demand at the recycling building the Select Board voted to open the transfer station to the public on Thursdays from noon to five.  This action didn’t increase the cost of running the facility as the workers were already working on that day from seven to three. The workers now come in at 9:00 a.m. and process recyclables until noon (12:00 p.m.) then are open to the public until 5:00 p.m..


Truck Scales:

The Select Board has directed me to work up a complete cost analysis of installing truck scales at the transfer station. Everything we have removed from the transfer station is billed to us by the pound and we have no way of weighing anything; so, we are measuring loads and charging by the cubic foot.  The huge problem with this method is that different items have different weights. A cubic foot of pressure treated wood is a lot heavier than a cubic foot of pine boards and we are charging the same rate for both items. 


The cost of the scales installed along with a scaling building and the earth work is estimated to be in the $50,000.00 range. We will know more about better of the cost once the cost analysis report is completed. We would also have to have an employee stationed at the scales who is a licensed scalier and the location of the scales is also a problem as we don’t want to change our present traffic flow pattern into the facility.


Too Good to Throw Away- Building:

The, “Too Good to Throw Away”, shop is way too small for the amount of goods being dropped off and picked up there.  Some of the Select Board members want to close the shop because of the operational problems caused by the volume of items while others are open to discussion.  We do have a cement pad that is currently being using as a drop off area for item that have freon. We could build a building on that cement pad that would be big enough to handle the flow of free items being dropped off and picked up which should fix the present operational problems with overflow items being left outside. We would be looking at a 24 ft X 24 ft building designed like a two vehicle garage with a side door and a couple of windows.  The cement pad is already in place; so, we would have to put down a row of cement blocks then either purchase a garage package or have a garage built.


Mandatory Recycling:

The main reason we developed the Solid Waste and Recycling Committee was to help reduce the cost of running the transfer station. Over the years the Committee has greatly reduced the overall operational cost of the facility and it now seems there is only one change left that should be addressed that being MANDITORY RECYCLING. We already have in place mandatory clear bags and the Commercial Haulers are suppose to keep their customers recycling items separated as they pick them up.  Some of the commercial haulers do a good job at recycling while others don’t.  Most residents do a good job at recycling with most items; however, a lot of glass containers are not being recycled and they are heavy and costly items going into the MSW hopper. 


I believe the Committee is going to recommend to the Select Board that mandatory recycling needs to be implemented in order to reduce our cost of running the facility. We presently raise over $100,000 for tipping and trucking fee for the disposal of MSW and the Committee believes we could help reduce that cost if we had mandatory recycling.  Mandatory recycling can only be approved by a vote at Town Meeting.


It would be greatly appreciated if you would take the time and complete the following questionnaire:  Please drop off the completed questionnaire at town office or at the transfer station –thank you!


________________________________Cut off _______________________________


Name: _________________________________: I am a property owner in Belgrade.


#1) Do you support the purchase of truck scales for the transfer station?  ___Yes ___N0


#2) Vote to close down the Too Good to Throw Away Shop? ____Yes ___No


Vote to build a bigger building for the Too Good to Throw Away Shop? ___yes ___No   


#3) Town Warrant article asking to implement mandatory recycling? ___Yes ___No



New full-time Position:

Travis Burton has been hired to fill the new position of Firefighter 1& 2 / Paramedic for the Town of Belgrade. He was employed by Delta Ambulance Service serving as their Captain; he also has eighteen years of service with the Belgrade Fire Department.Travis will be working four days a week in 10 hour shifts and we have several per-diem paramedics signed up to work the fifth 10 hour shift giving the Town 50 hours a week of scheduled rescue service. We have purchased a new rescue vehicle which should be in service in late October of this year.


Town Signage:

I believe all of our, “Welcome to Belgrade” sign have been installed. We still have some base work to do on a couple of them by adding some blocks & shrubs and we are going to light the CFAS sign.  We still have a four foot wide two sided sign for the North Belgrade Community Center left to install.


Peninsula Park:

We just completed having the other half of the Peninsula Park lot surveyed (south side towards Day’s Store) and will be installing a fence along that side of our lot from RT # 27 to Upper Long Pond. This section is about 0.7 acres in size and will be opened up to the public once the fence is installed. Opening up the south side of the Peninsula Park lot will greatly increase public access to Upper Long Pond.  The Town also owns a small piece of land on Great Pond directly across the road from this section of Peninsula Park. We are also looking at using this land in some way to serve the public.


Building Site:

The Select Board has directed me to contact several land owners to see if they would be interested in selling their property to the Town for the purpose of building  a new Town Office. All the locations were chosen due to their central location in the Town and their size as parking is very important for a Town office. The Select Board would like to have two or three location to present to the voters at our next Town meeting and let the voters decide which location they want.  The Town of Greene has offered to give us their building plans and we have made several trips down to their office to view the design.



It was our intention to have the paving projects completed in August as we bid out the paving package in early June.  A long wet season along with a lot more pre paving repairs than expected has caused us to go into September before the paving project could be done. I have been told that September 22 will be starting day for our paving program and the paving should be completed that week contingent on the weather. We apologize to the residents of the Chandler Road who have had to put up with dust for the entire summer season, but the contractor would not come into Belgrade until all the roads were ready to be paved at one time. We appreciate your patience.



For those of you who like to set off fireworks at all hours of the night and set them off over your neighbor’s property or out over one of the lakes, please take notice!  At this point the Select Board has chosen to not act on the complaints that have been coming into the office dealing with fireworks. (I believe if this continues the Board may take some action). This is a common sense issue to me. Don’t fire rockets over your neighbor’s property; as they are picking up the pieces and bring them into me in baggies. Don’t fire them off over the water into some ones sail boat mask or power boat. Stop setting them off prior to 10:00 p.m. or so at night just out of common sense. It will be too bad if a select few force the Select Board into taking action against setting off fireworks as a whole.  Common sense people common sense! Remember we offer a monthly TAX PAYMENT PLAN and you can now get burning permits on line!


Come in and visit anytime; my door is always open. Have a great and healthy Fall!

Greg Gill, Town Manager




Notes from the Town Clerk:

The General Election is held nationally on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November.  In 2014, voters will elect the Governor, one United States Senator, United States Representatives to Congress, members of the Maine Legislature (Senators and Representatives) and certain county officers.  County officers may include Judge of Probate, Register of Probate, County Treasurer, Register of Deeds, Sheriff, District Attorney and County Commissioner. Absentee ballots will be available 30 – 45 days before the general election at the town office.  You can apply for an absentee ballot in person, online, by mail or by telephone.  The last day an absentee ballot may be requested is October 30th.  An absentee ballot is available after this day for special circumstances, only.  Voting will be held at the Center for all Seasons from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.


The Boston Post Gold cane is given to the oldest accepting resident of the community.  Howard Boston is the latest willing recipient. He was awarded the cane on July 15, 2014.  His daughter, Selectman Ernest Rice, former Town Clerk, Cheryl Cook and I were in attendance. Legislature Dennis L. Keschl provided Mr. Boston with a legislative sentiment.


On behalf of the Board of Selectpersons, the Town Manager and Town Office Staff, I would like to congratulate Mr. Boston for being awarded this honor.








Please welcome the “New” Transfer Station Manager Kenneth Scheno, he is from Mount Vernon and has several years of experience in solid waste operations.


New Additional Hours have been implemented at the Transfer Station in addition to the Wednesdays from 11 am to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 7 am to 3 p.m., the Transfer Station will now be open on Thursdays from 12 p.m. (Noon) until 5 p.m.  These new hours will continue until Columbus Day in October. Then will begin again the 1st   week of May. 


KVCOG’s Hazardous Household Waste Collection Program October 2014

The Town of Belgrade will be participating in a “Hazardous Household Waste Collection Program” this year. This event is being hosted by the Kennebec Valley Council of Governments (KVCOG).


This is an important event that provides citizens with the opportunity to dispose of many items that the local Transfer Station and Recycling Center may not/does not accept.  Such items include: oil/alkyd based paints (no latex); stains, paint strippers/thinners; solvents (e.g. acetone), varnishes and lacquers; wood preservatives; adhesives, waste fuels (kerosene, gasoline, and diesel); degreasers and brake fluids; antifreeze; poisons, insecticides, weed killers, pesticides, moth balls; many types of chemicals; compressed gas cylinders, and many other items. 


More information about this program will be available at the Town Office on or about October 1st.  Remember you need to pre-register at the Town Office to participate in the program.  The location is yet to be determined.  The Town will pay for the first unit (one five-gallon container) for the first 25 (twenty-five) people that sign-up for the program. This is a $27.50 value.



Notes from the IF&W Agent: Snowmobile stickers are available for registering for the 2014-2015 season. For those of you interested in purchasing Recreational licenses they should be available by the first of December.  




Notes from the Tax Collector



A reminder that 2014 Property taxes are due September 12th, interest begins the next day. We do accept credit cards, with a 2.45% convenience fee. You may also pay online at townofbelgrade.com and click on online services. You may use either a credit/debit card with the convenience fee or your checking account for a fee of $1.50. You will need to have your Real Estate account number to use the system.


Tax Relief Programs:

The Town will set up a formal tax club upon your request, which provides tax payers an opportunity to pay monthly, with interest accruing as normal or you may set up your own payment schedule and send in monthly payments, please just enclose your account number so payments may be properly applied. Please call the Town Office for more information on either program.


Homestead Exemption: This program provides a measure of property tax relief for individuals that have owned homestead property in Maine for at least twelve months and make the property they occupy on April 1st (first) their permanent residence. Property owners would receive an exemption of $10,000. This program is not income based and is available for all Maine Residents who meet the criteria. The forms are available at the Town Office prior to April 1st to receive this benefit. If you have already applied there is no need to send in an application annually, once you receive this benefit, you will get it every year.


Veteran’s Exemption: This program provides an exemption to residents who are veterans.  The application is available at the Municipal Office and on the Town of Belgrade website.  Requirement for this application is that you provide a copy of your DD214 prior to April 1st of the year.






“Fall Lake Drawdown Activities”



Throughout the year our Dams Committee is actively working and maintaining water levels on our lakes.  However, there are three planned activities that create public interest.  These are Lake Drawdown and Winter Management activities, Spring Refill, and our Summer Water Level Management practices.  The Committee is now preparing for FALL LAKE DRAWDOWN activities.


Pursuant to the Belgrade Area Dams Committee’s Water Management Plan,

Section I – FALL Draw downs and WINTER STORAGE of the plan specifies that:


  1. “The primary objective of fall and winter water management is to lower the lakes to accommodate increased rainfall and runoff which occurs in the fall and again in late winter and early spring.” FALL DRAWDOWN ACTIVITIES WILL DEPEND ON THE AMOUNT OF RAINFALL RECEIVED IN THIS AREA.


  1. Optimum drawdown levels: 


SALMON LAKE - 1.0 to 1.5 feet below Spillway

Great Pond         - 1.5 to 2.0 feet below spillway

Long Pond          - 1.5 to 2.0 feet below Spillway


  1. Water level limits – At no time shall the lakes be drawn down lower than:


SALMON LAKE   - 1.5 feet below Spillway

Great Pond          - 2.5 feet below Spillway

Long Pond           - 2.5 feet below Spillway


  1. General management programs: Draw downs must end by October 31st to avoid adversely affecting fish and wildlife.  Therefore, whatever lake level is achieved by October 31st will be the lowest level at which the lake may be kept throughout the winter, unless an unusual amount of rainfall in September and October force emergency provision for additional drawdown.  Note:  While there are more restrictive requirements as to what levels must be achieved by various dates, due to significant public interest in providing for lake use through Columbus Day weekend, the Dams Committee has and will continue to try to meet the needs of lake-side residents and, depending on water levels and the weather will endeavor to manage water levels to minimize any impacts through Columbus Day each year.


This “Public Notice” is provided as an on-going attempt by the Belgrade Area Dams Committee’s to keep you informed of their water level management activities for our lakes.  If you have any questions about these activities please contact your Town Office or the member of the Committee that represents your town:


Belgrade:495-2258                          Rome:397-4011                         Oakland:465-7357


Dennis Purington                            Timothy Comeford                     Donald Borman

Doug McCafferty                              Jack Schultz                                                

George Hoy                                       Richard Greenan

Raymond Hewett

Craig Alexander





Belgrade Public Library

124 Depot Road

(207)495-3508                      www.belgrade.lib.me.us

HOURS: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-7; Wednesdays 2-6; Saturdays 10-1


It’s hard to believe that summer is almost gone and fall will be right around the corner! 


We had a fantastic summer at the library with authors such as Susan Poulin, Paul Betit, and Richard Beeman.  Special programs from Dinoman and Mad Science brought big crowds for our summer reading.  We were excited to offer a glimpse of eReaders and Tablets at our Technology Zoo program as well as an opportunity to participate in our Science Experiments program and a step towards safety with our Child Identification program this summer.  Our Story Time/Crafts programs and Minecraft programs expanded imaginations and encouraged creativity.  All in a short ten weeks!


Local school libraries even loaned us some of their books over the summer.  This increased our collection by 225 items during that ten week span – all of which were very popular!  With schools and towns all facing budgetary limitations, this collaboration enabled us to broaden our resources available while allowing the community to utilize their tax dollars in multiple ways.  Many thanks to school librarians Sylvia Jadczak, Liz McMahon, and Kate Bailey for this opportunity!


If that’s not enough, we are expanding outside.  The library added a beautiful blue bicycle rack this summer and some outside patio furniture.  Bike on down and get comfy with a good book in the sunshine.  If computers and eBooks are your preference, no problem!  Don’t forget that our wi-fi extends outside the building and is available 24/7.


The library is also happy to announce that, beginning in September, we are becoming a donation site for the Belgrade Food Pantry.  You can now drop off non-perishable food and household items at the library to help others less fortunate in your community.  We are looking forward to a great collaboration to benefit all of Belgrade.


Come join us this fall.  Some of our ongoing events include (all programs are free and open to the public):


  • Story Time & Crafts (every Thursday morning at 10:30am)
  • Minecraft (the last Thursday of every month at 3pm)
  • Book Club (second Tuesday of every month at 10:30am)


As always new books are being added to our collection.  Check out the new titles on display or search our catalog online at the library website.  Let us know if you have suggestions to enhance our library collection!  Don’t forget to check out the library website or our Facebook page (facebook/BelgradePublicLibrary) for more information and updates.


Respectfully submitted,

Janet Patterson - Library Director




Belgrade Recreation Department

1 Center Drive

Belgrade, Maine  04917




The summer of 2014 was spectacular! Children attending Camp Golden Pond and Camp Loon for Teens were able to enjoy swimming, field trips, boating and just being kids.  New this summer, Great Pond Yacht Club offered Youth Sailing Camp.  It was wonderful to see the excitement in the eyes of the new sailors and we look forward to collaborating with them again next year.  Many thanks to the camp staff and volunteers that made this summer fun for all of the children that attended; you have added special memories to their lives.


After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) has begun.  School age children can come to the Belgrade Community Center for All Seasons right off the Belgrade Central School bus.  Once here, children are given a healthy snack, time do their homework, have the opportunity to play games inside and out, and work on crafts until parent pickup at 5:30pm.  We also offer Kidzone from 7:30 – 5:30 on school vacation days and teacher workshop days.

September is bringing many programs and events to the Rec. Dept. some old favorites and some new.


Mondays ~ Ping Pong at 5:30pm and beginning September 15 ~ 9:30am Toddler Open Gym Playtime


Tuesdays ~ Pickleball at 5:30pm and beginning September 23 ~ 3:30pm Kids in the Kitchen Cooking Class for grades K – 5


Wednesdays ~ Adult basketball at 7:00pm and beginning September 17 ~ 10 - 10:45am Low Impact/Gentle Yoga


Thursdays ~ Bridge at 12:30pm and Yoga at 6:00pm


On September 16, 17 or 18 ~ 3:00 - 4:45pm our new Drama Club will have interviews & tryouts for parts in the fractured fairy tale “Cinderella or the Story of Bigfoot”.  Drama Club will then begin meeting on Mondays and Fridays starting September 22 at 3:30pm, with a dinner theater/public performance on November 15th.


Also at the Community Center for All Seasons:

September 13 ~ 4 - 7:00pm Elvis Tribute Artist - EP Rock will be performing for a Team Hallowell Fundraiser for the Dempsey Challenge


September 27 ~ 6:00pm Friends of John Skinner Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser & Auction


September 30 ~ 8:00am Bus Trip to Fryeburg Fair leaving the Center for All Seasons at 8:00 am and returning at 6:30pm.  Admission to the fair that day is free for seniors over 65 years of age, however all ages are invited to make the bus trip with us. Cost is $20 for Belgrade residents and $23 for non-residents.  Please be sure to contact us early if you would like to go. 


October 11th is Harvest Festival, with fun family activities at the Center between 11:00am and 2:00pm.  There will be a bounce house, pumpkin carving, food, scarecrow stuffing, touch-a-truck, and so much more.


Look for the Belgrade PTO/Rec Dept. Halloween Party on October 24th and the Teen Zombie Dance the 25th of October.


Sunday, November 9th we have a bus trip to Boston on VIP Charter Bus, leaving the Center for All Seasons at 7am return around 9pm, $45 per person.

If there are additional classes or activities you would like to see offered or are willing to teach at either facility please contact us.


Don’t forget the Pot Luck Dinner at the North Belgrade Community Center on the second Saturday of each month.  The dinner starts at 5:00pm and everyone is welcome.


The Belgrade Board of Parks and Recreation meets the fourth Monday of the month at 6:00pm at the Center for All Seasons.   If you are interested in recreation in Belgrade, please join us at our next meeting on September 22nd.


To find out what is happening or to learn more about the programs and fees, call 495-3481 or visit: http://www.townofbelgrade.com/belgrade-center-for-all-seasons and be sure to like us on Facebook.




Valencia Schubert  

Recreation Director

Town of Belgrade





“The Town would like to thank the Board and Committee Volunteers who have stepped down from their positions this year, the town appreciates your willingness to support town government by volunteering!”


For those of you who are interested in participating, we have several openings; Board of Assessment Review (2), Board of Parks & Recreation (2 Alternate Positions) and Transfer Station & Recycling Committee (2)






News from our Lake Associations


      Friends of Messalonskee Report - 30,000 Pounds and Still Counting

Friends of Messalonskee greatly appreciates the Belgrade volunteers, Belgrade businesses, the Town of Belgrade and FOM “friends” for making our efforts possible this year. We have pulled over 30,000 pounds of milfoil, placed burlap barriers, weighted with burlap sandbags, mapped several miles of shore line, and unfortunately discovered many new areas of milfoil infestation.


Making all this possible were three interns, a licensed diver and a recent Marine Biology graduate, an assistant boat captain, all from Unity College, and a certified hookah diver and local resident. They worked collaboratively this summer to map the shoreline for invasive aquatic plants and put in over 110 hours of Courtesy Boat Inspection (CBI) time at the boat launch ramps.  Neighbors volunteered, hand-pulling and filling onion bags with milfoil while The DASH boat (Diver Assisted Suction Harvester) hummed, chugged and gurgled while vacuuming and separating the invasive species from its home.  The DASH was put to work in various coves around the lake including the launch area and boat channel headed toward the Route 27 Bridge. The adjacent marsh and Black Tern Habitat were also areas of DASH activity.


Bill Libby, FOM board member has coordinated a milfoil site visit to Lake Messalonskee with the commissioners of Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IF&W) to view a typical infestation of variable milfoil and see first hand the potential destruction of the watershed.


We are seeking “Cove Coordinators”, who might be boaters, swimmers, dock walkers and property owners to adopt a cove and keep an eye out for invasive plants.  We will provide you with plant ID cards and onion bags, like those on the DASH boat, to pick up and contain fragments. Scopes are available as well to aid and locate milfoil at the bottom of the lake.  Contact Ned Hammond 660 5069 or Janna Townsend 465 0928 for more information or updates.  Please visit our website; www.friendsofmessalonskee.com.  


Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance (BRCA)

Milfoil removal program update:

BRCA continues to work in partnership with Belgrade Lakes Association and Friends of Messalonskee to remove variable milfoil from Great Pond, Belgrade Stream, and Messalonskee Lake.  During the summer of 2014, over 10,000 gallons of milfoil was removed from the Great Meadow Stream and Great Pond, significantly decreasing the size of the milfoil infestation in this area.  Efforts were increased, thanks in part to funding from the Town of Belgrade, for removing milfoil from Messalonskee Lake and Belgrade Stream.  Priority areas this year in the Belgrade Stream and Messalonskee Lake include:


1. Boat launches (both public and unofficial launch sites);

2. Areas close to uninfested waterbodies (the area next to Wing’s Mill Dam); and

3. Endangered wildlife habitat (Black Tern and Least Bittern habitat in Messalonskee Marsh). 


BRCA also built a Diver Assisted Suction Harvester (DASH) boat this year for doing milfoil removal work.  This boat was built with technical support from staff at Colby College, and with funds from a USFWS grant, BRCA membership contributions, and contributions from the Belgrade Lakes Association.  This new DASH will help increase efficiency and the effectiveness of our Milfoil Program.  Stay tuned for year-end program reports in the December newsletter, and contact BRCA at brca@belgradelakes.org for more information. Thank you




                           Belgrade Historical Society



The Belgrade Historical Society has had a productive year. Beginning with a fascinating program on Maine Horse Soldiers in the Civil War in January, eight additional programs were scheduled for 2014. An ambitious membership campaign has doubled the number of memberships, and at our Annual Meeting in June, members approved changes to our by-laws to operate with a Board of Directors. The current Chair is former Belgrade Town Manager and representative to the Maine Legislature, Dennis Keschl.


            Since that time, the Board has been working hard in several areas. New archival storage units have been added to the Belgrade History Room at the Center for All Seasons, with a plan to have as large a portion of our collections as possible there when we open the room on a regular basis for those interested in learning more about Belgrade’s history. Curator Nancy Mairs has been assisted by other volunteers in organizing and cataloging various documents and artifacts in our collection, some of which are on display in this room.


            The Belgrade Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of the Old Town House on Cemetery Road, where town meetings were held as early as 1815. Thanks to assistance from Hammond Lumber, in the last year volunteers were able to remove large water tank from the building, and the Town of Belgrade rebuilt the porch in time for traditional Memorial Day Services.


            Perhaps the highlight of our 2014 achievements has been the creation of a Belgrade Historical Society website. For updates on upcoming events plus historical information and images, click on www.BelgradeHistoricalSociety.com.


Picture of

 “Alvah Watson and William Withers of Belgrade (front seat) and friends returning from a successful hunting trip in the early 20th century.”





News from the Belgrade Regional Health Center



Many exciting things are happening at the Belgrade Health Center all in an effort to help patients and the community at large to lead a healthier lifestyle.


  1. A walking trail that follows the perimeter of the property has recently been completed and open for anyone to use. It is ADA accessible and will be open year round. Snowshoes and cross country skis will be welcome in the winter months. It is an easy walk through both a wooded area and out in the open. Enjoy the walk and watch the seasons change.


  1. A new Healthy Gains class has just begun which helps patients monitor their health issues, learn about healthy lifestyles, diet , and exercise. Members can also take part in an exercise program run by Jill Rancourt, a physical fitness trainer, at Dockside in Belgrade Lakes. The next class will begin on Wednesday November 12 from 5-6:30.



  1. A Cooking Matters course is also available where participants learn to prep ingredients, cook healthy meals, eat the meals, visit a local Hannaford to learn tips for stretching a dollar and taking home a bag of groceries to prepare one of the meals from the class.


  1. A Living Well Series has also been well attended to help individuals with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, chronic pain, and high blood pressure controls their situation to make their lives more comfortable and manageable.



  1. A Pre-Diabetes Prevention Class was also brought to the health center to help individuals learn skills to prevent diabetes. These classes had full attendance. Call the BRHC to see when the next class might begin.


  1. The annual Flu Shot Clinic will take place from 9:00 – 12:00 on Oct. 11, the same day as the October Fest in Belgrade. This is open to the public and free.



  1. Remember that the health center also offers Behavioral Health Services.


  1. The Belgrade Regional Health Center is accepting new patients both adults and children. Call for information on any of these programs that might be on interest to you. 495-3323







Friends of the Belgrade Public Library

The Friends of the Belgrade Public Library would like to thank the people and visitors of Belgrade for another successful fundraising season. The money raised will assist in the maintenance of the building and provide for a new roof for the garage.  Again our thanks!





Public Service Announcement


 Dear Friends;


 Whether you are a resident of Belgrade, a surrounding town, or just concerned, John & Cindy Skinner need our help.  John is currently at Tufts Medical Center in Boston undergoing treatment for Amyloidosis, a rare bone marrow disorder, which will take several months. 


While John is receiving his treatment he will not be working and his income will be drastically reduced.  Friends of John would like to help!  On September 27th, Friends of John Skinner will be holding a free spaghetti dinner with dessert and a silent auction; a donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated and ALL proceeds from this event will go directly to John and Cindy to defray medical costs which are mounting. 


So please join Friends of John Skinner at the Center for All Seasons on Friday September 27th, 5:00pm to 7:00pm and bring your appetites. Cards and letters (no flowers) can be sent to John Skinner, Tufts Medical Center, North 8 Room 8037, 800 Washington St., Boston, MA 02111.